About Us

  • Canadian Registered trademark agent since 2008

  • Experience in trademarks since 1999

  • Highest mark in the 2008 Canadian Trademark Agent Qualifying examination.

  • Years of experience in big law firms before setting up own practice

Anita Mar, Canadian Trademark Agent
Email: anita@magtrademarks.com


  • Trademark searches

  • Preparing and filing trademark applications

  • Trademark opposition proceedings

  • Trademark cancellation proceedings

  • Trademark renewals

  • Trademark assignments

  • Preparation of license agreements

  • Trademark portfolio management

  • Trademark strategy review and consultations

  • Assistance with copyright registration


  • Free initial trademark search for identical trademarks

  • Preparation and filing of your trademark application in a single class (up to 10 items in a class)

  • Responding to administrative letters from Trademarks Office (up to 2 responses are included for free)

  • Reporting approval of trademark

  • Reporting publication of trademark

  • Reporting trademark allowance

  • Submitting Declaration of Use and paying final registration fee

  • Reporting trademark registration

  • Keeping your trademark in our docketing system to remind you of upcoming deadlines

  • Free renewal reminder

  • Free address updates, if necessary


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  • If you buy service upgrade, we will also respond to all types of objections from the Trademarks Office, including difficult objections based on confusion with a similar mark or descriptiveness.

  • Bonus:
    If your trademark is opposed by a 3rd party, we will analyze Notice of Opposition for FREE, will provide you with a strategy how to deal with and will prepare an initial response for FREE. This is a killer deal, you will not find anything like this anywhere else in Canada.

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We offer great discounts for foreign associates. Use us as your Canadian trademark filing services.


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