It is not always advisable to file your trademark application. The instances in which you should NOT submit applications are stated below:

  1. Trademarks may take up to 2 years to be registered. Due to this reason, Canada may not be the best option when trying to enter the Amazon Brand Registry.


  1. In case there is a similar trademark already registered. Consider tweaking your trademark or re-branding it completely to differentiate between you and your competitors.


  1. An adequate trademark search needs to be conducted before submitting your trademark applications. Applications should not be filed before that is complete.


  1. Generic, immoral, or descriptive trademarks will not be registered and should not be filed.


  1. It is generally unnecessary for small and local businesses (like small bakery or hairdresser) to file trademark applications.


  1. Trademarks are jurisdictional. In case your primary market is outside of Canada, filing here will not protect you internationally.

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