To maintain your trademark, it is crucial that it is put to use. In many countries, the trademark needs to be used within three years after it is registered. It will ensure that the trademark remains protected against cancellation for non-use and also from being challenged.

Previously a trademark filed in Canada had to be in used before it registered so a Declaration of Use had to be filed prior to registration.

However, changes that went into effect on June 17, 2019 in Canada made it so that using a trademark is no longer a necessary requirement to register your trademark. Use is still necessary to maintain a trademark after registration.

By Canadian rules, when a trademark is used for products, it allows you to display your trademark on your goods and/or their packaging when they are sold.

When being used for services, it allows you to market your brand in Canada with sole rights to your business name. However, this only applies to services that are to be performed in Canada.

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