What Is the Difference Between Business Name and Trademark?

Four names are often confused with each other. Each of these names is listed below with examples to clarify the differences between them:

  1. Business Name: a name under which the business is conducted, or certain services are provided, for example, Skype or Microsoft.
  2. Trademark: The difference between trademark and business name is that a trademark could be anything that distinguishes the product or the services you provide from others in the same industry or market. It could be anything, a combination of words or a single word, or logos, pictures, and even smells and sounds. However, when it comes to business names, it cannot be a sound or a picture—for example, D & G or British Airways.
  3. Company Name: It is federally registered and is the legal name of the company. The name can be registered in a state as well. However, it must be noted that more than one brand or business might come under the same company with different names. Microsoft owns the famous telecommunications application, Skype.
  4. Domain Name: The name of your address on the internet or the web, for example, skype.com or www.apple.com.

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