Registering a corporate name or incorporating a business is not equal to or assures approval from the government to use that name as a trademark. The trademark needs to be registered separately if the business wants the sole right to use it.

Additionally, the fact that a trademark is registered in Canada holds no value in other countries. In simpler terms, registering a trademark for BuzzElectric in Canada will not stop another company from using the same trademark in Malaysia.

For businesses that want to expand into the international market, a trademark will have to be registered in each country they wish to operate in to ensure that the business has the sole right to its name in that country as well.

In Canada, there are some instances where trademarks don’t have to be registered for the user to have full rights to it. When a trademark has been used for a specific period, the owner might have rights to it under common law.

Having a trademark in Canada will grant you the exclusive right to use your brand name in the entirety of the country. If you choose to license or sell your trademark, possessing it will make the entire process easier.

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