Canadian Trademark Registration process is described in words as follows:

1. Trademark search
We will do a trademark search and provide report (within 1-2 days).

2. Trademark filing
Your application will be prepared and filed electronically on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (within 1-2 days after final approval).

3. Trademark examination
Within 10-12 months after filing, your application will be reviewed by a Trademark Office examiner. It will either be approved or an office action will issue. An office action is letter asking additional questions or refusing a trademark based on confusion. Your mark is examined by the Trademark Office to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Canadian Trademarks Act.

4. Trademark Approval
Your trademark is approved for publication in the Trademarks Journal which is published weekly.

5. Trademark Publication
Your trademark is published for opposition purposes. Anyone may oppose, but must have good reasons, which are called “grounds for an opposition”. One of the most common grounds is confusion with a previously registered trademark. Opposition period in Canada is 2 months.

6. Trademark Allowance
If there are no challenges from 3rd parties during the opposition period, your trademark will be allowed for registration. Once the mark is allowed, final registration fee must be paid and/or Declaration of Use has to be filed. Your trademark will be allowed within 2-4 months after the end of the opposition period.

7. Trademark Registration
Your trademark will register and a Certificate of Registration will issue. The whole process takes 18-24 months.

8. Trademark Renewal
Your trademark must be renewed every 15 years.

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