What you need to know about Trade Secrets, Confidential Information, and Know-how

In today's economy, competition for business is fierce. Protecting your business's confidential information, know-how, and trade secrets are critical to staying competitive and keeping an edge in the marketplace. It is therefore essential that you understand the various ways in which your business can protect the information and knowledge that gives it a competitive edge. [...]

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What are Official Marks?

Under the Canadian Trademarks Act, there are certain marks which have a special place in the country. Canada’s official marks are a type of trademark that is protected legally for all goods and services. Unlike traditional trademarks, these official marks cannot expire and do not have to be renewed. They have special protection by the [...]

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June 17, 2019, remains a memorable date in the history of the Canadian trademark law. On that day, implementations were effected on the trademark laws in Canada. This is after a long time of speculation. The drastic changes have had a major impact on the enforcement and scope of Canadian trademark law. Below are some [...]

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Who should be the owner of the trademark?

We are going to assume at this moment that you have a brand of your own that you intend to register either in the name of your company or in your name as an individual. Sometimes, business owners cannot decide in whose name they should file their trademark so don’t progress at all.   Before we [...]

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When should I not file a trademark?

When starting out your journey into a trademark registration territory, it is a good thing to consider the question of when you should not file a trademark. The question of when you should not file a trademark may seem like an odd one, but it is very important. Here in this article, we have identified [...]

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What Every Business Owner Should Learn about Trademarks Registration?

One of the highest priorities of small businesses is the issue of intellectual property. A developing business the owner should learn about trademarks registration or intellectual property (counting things like trademarks, copyrights, and patents) is the thing that differentiates continued long-term expansion from new struggling plateaus in growth that could have been prevented. In case [...]

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What are confusingly similar trademarks?

The question of what constitutes trademark confusion often comes up, and in the bid of avoiding trademark confusion, applicants often ask if adding one letter or misspelling their trademark could prevent similarity with another brand. In many countries (including Canada and the US), there is a conventional test of trademark confusion. The probability of confusion [...]

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Trademarking marijuana and its products in the US and Canada

In Canada and the US, the current belief of business people who are in marijuana business is that it is impossible for them to protect the brands they are known for, or even brand any other related products to cannabis and its by-products. However widespread this belief is, it is inaccurate. The truth is that [...]

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Differences between Canadian and US trademarks

There are many similarities in the application process of the Canadian and US trademarks. There are however some differences that exist between the two. 1. Extra filing fees for goods (products) or services in two or more classes There are 45 distinct classifications of goods and services in the US. In the US, depending on [...]

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Can you trademark or copyright a color alone?

On its own, colors aren't secured by copyright. Colors, when arranged in painting, for instance, are obtained by copyright, and such copyright is owned by the creator of the work of art. A single trademark color might be secured as a trademark. In numerous nations, for example, Canada, the US, the UK, and EU, it [...]

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