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Welcome to MAG Trademarks

We are a boutique trademark registration agency specializing exclusively in Canadian Trademark registration. We have over 22 years of experience in the trademark field.

We have been of help to hundreds of business owners and established companies who have trusted us with their trademark registration needs. We provide low-cost trademarking solutions. Our pricing model is transparent and simple. You don’t need to be afraid to contact us, there is no fee for that.

If you are in the market for a Canadian trademark registration, you came to the right place. MAG Trademarks specialize in trademark filings and registration. In fact, we’ve been doing it since 2004 in Canada.

Our firm can do all your trademark related work in Canada (and in many other jurisdictions, including USA, EU, UK, Australia, China and Mexico). We specialize in trademarks. We can confidently handle anything from trademark consulting to trademark opposition, trademark cancellation, writing cease and desist and responding to cease and desist letters, trademark portfolio review.

Because we don’t have a lot of overhead and a lot of staff, our prices are very low and you won’t be able to find many firms that can match our prices while providing the same type of expertise and experience.

How do we work?

  • Each trademark application will be personally prepared and filed by a registered trademark agent.

  • We offer very competitive prices and save you from the worry of spending a fortune just to register your trademark.

  • With the help of our specialists, we will help you to save time and money in the search of a perfect and registrable trademark. The legal use of a name can be affected by closeness in appearance, meaning and sound.

  • We will offer you a free initial consultation so that you can see if you like working with us. This implies that you have the right to choose whether or not you would like to work with us, even after the consultation, without incurring any initial cost.

  • In addition to a free initial phone call, we offer free trademark search so that you can be certain that your trademark has good chances of getting registered.

  • We offer a 2nd follow up call to discuss the results of our trademark search. All additional questions will be answered during the call.

  • We have a network of trusted associates in and out of Canada. This means we can help with your trademark registration in other countries.

  • We can do all types of work for your Canadian trademarks: from filing to registration and in between.

  • We don’t bill you by the hour – no need to fear an unexpected invoice.

Book your phone consultation today to see if we are a good fit

Canadian registration process

In 2019, Canada went through a trademark reform so the registration process has changed.

Some important points about the Canadian trademark registration Toronto process are outlined below:

  • In Canada, Trademarks Office will examine your trademark on absolute and relative grounds.

  • Absolute grounds means that a trademark cannot be found generic or descriptive. Otherwise, it will be unregistrable.

  • Since the trademark reform, trademarks are now subject to a distinctiveness examination like in many other countries. Distinctiveness means your trademark has to be unique (in plain English).

  • Relative grounds means that if there a similar previously filed  application or a registered trademark, Canadian Trademark Office may issue a confusion objection refusing your trademark. Of course, we’ll be given an opportunity to argue against such refusal, but it would be good not to get one.

  • Use before registration is no longer required before registration. No specimens of use (proof of sales) are required, unlike in the US.

  • One of the biggest changes is that now one has to pay government fees per class like in most other countries.

  • Weed lovers, rejoice! Not surprisingly, but one can register a trademark for marijuana as Canada legalized cannabis for recreational use.

  • Now, the sad news is that in Canada, trademark registration takes a long time, current timeline is around 36 months.

  • The good news is that once your trademark is filed, you are protected: you get a serial number and filing date and your trademark becomes searchable in the CIPO database.

  • Trademarks must be renewed every 10 years now. They can be renewed indefinitely and will not expire if you renew them.

Benefits of trademark registration

  1. Registration provides the owner with exclusive rights to use the mark in a country of registration for 10 years. Registration is renewable every 10 years in Canada and every 10 years in the US, UK, EU, Germany, Australia, and many other countries after that. The owner of an unregistered mark has protection within a confined geographic area where he enjoys an established reputation and goodwill.
  2. A trademark registration Toronto or anywhere in the world is a valuable asset to your company and can be sold or licensed. It also increases the value of a company. The older the trademark registration Toronto is the more it is valued. Trademarks do not expire, unlike patents and copyrights.
  3. A registered mark will create a presumption that the trademark is distinctive, valid, and owned by the registered owner. The registration process validates that it belongs to the registered owner. If there is ever a dispute about the mark, the burden of proof will lie on the party challenging the registered mark.
  4. Your trademark may become incontestable 5 years after the registration of the trademark. This will help to eliminate most arguments that the owner does not have exclusive rights to the trademark. An incontestable trademark cannot be challenged on the ground of somebody else’s prior use.
  5. Canadian trademark registration allows for the registration of a corresponding .ca domain name (fulfills “Canadian Presence requirements”) for non-Canadian brand owners. This is especially important to those business owners who want to buy a Canadian domain name and are unable to do so because they are not residents of Canada.
  6. Trademark registration provides a ground for the opposition in case you need to challenge your competitor’s trademark.
  7. Trademark owners get to utilize section 22 of The Trademark Act (depreciation of a registered trademark’s goodwill). It serves as a powerful weapon that helps trademark owners to deal with the damage caused by comparative advertising campaigns. Trademark registration is a prerequisite if you want to use this cause of action.
  8. Your registered trademark serves as public notice that its owner has the exclusive right to use the mark in Canada (or the US). Trademark registration often deters others from using a mark that is the same or similar. The trademark office will maintain a database of filed and registered trademarks and usually, this database is checked by business owners before they select a brand/trademark for their business. So it won’t be wrong to say that trademark registration acts as a free “deterrent” as just having your trademark in the database may deter others from adopting a similar trademark.
  9. A registered trademark facilitates a lawsuit as suing for infringement is generally easier than suing for passing off. A registered trademark makes it easier to send cease and desist letters to counterfeit producing merchants. A cease and desist letter that references a registered trademark is always taken more seriously than a cease and desist letter referencing a filed or common law trademark.
  10. Trademark registration Toronto can be used as a basis for obtaining registration in other countries.
  11. Registration may be filed with the Customs Service to prevent importation of trademark infringing foreign goods. Customs office may prevent importation of goods that infringe a registered trademark.
  12. A trademark registration Toronto is much easier to enforce. We won’t exaggerate if we say that trademark registration is the cheapest way to protect your brand name. This is one of the important reasons for getting a trademark registration. A registered trademark is presumed to be valid. It means that whoever is going to challenge a trademark must prove that the registered trademark is not valid and the burden of proof for this is high.
  13. If you are an Amazon seller, a trademark registration will enable you to get into the Amazon Brand Registry. Nowadays, a registered trademark is absolutely essential for e-commerce businesses and especially Amazon sellers. Having a registered trademark will give you a competitive advantage over other sellers and will help you get noticed by customers.

Foreign associates

We offer great discounts for foreign associates. Use us as your Canadian trademark filing service. Inquire for more details and to get a custom quote. The final price depends on the number of trademarks we’ll handle for your on a monthly basis.